Details of the removal and installation of the accumulator

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Details of the removal and installation of the accumulator

1. Disassembly of energy storage device
(1) first unscrew the protective cap, release the nitrogen in the capsule with the nitrogen filling tool, and then remove the valve core with the air valve wrench. Remove the nuts and seals one by one.
(2) remove the check bolts, flanges, stop nuts and seals on the other side to slide the oil valve into the shell. Remove the oval washer on the oil valve to take out the capsule.
Ii. Installation of energy storage device
(1) the inside of the accumulator is required to be clean and free of contaminants.
(2) appropriate oil or working medium (not water) must be injected inside the accumulator for the skin to be inserted.
(3) squeeze the skin to remove the air inside, and fold the skin into the shell. The skin must be straightened, and not wrung.
(4) after the leather bag is loaded, put the seal and nut at the air valve in the reverse order when disassembled, so as to prevent the skin bag from slipping back into the shell.
(5) insert the oil valve into the shell while ensuring the skin is in a natural state. Push the washer into place.
(6) pull out the oil valve, load the valve core and precharge the skin with nitrogen (up to 5Mpa) to ensure the oil valve is in the correct position.
(7) the accumulator must wait 5 minutes after prefilling nitrogen, and then check the prefilling pressure again and adjust it according to the situation.
(8) install the gasket at the oil valve in order and seal (to protect the "O" ring, please wrap the thread on the oil valve with tape). Screw up the check nut and tighten it.
(9) install flange and cover. And screw on the check bolt.

The above:Is a leather accumulator suitable for use in tandem cylinders or groups of cylinders ?

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