HGP gear pump working principle

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HGP gear pump working principle

Shenzhen ZF HYDRAULIC HGP type gear pump HYDRAULIC gear pump and high pressure gear pump HYDRAULIC oil pump gear pump USES the high strength aluminum alloy shell paint, light weight, alloy steel hardfacing gears, transmission smooth, axial and radial clearance self-compensation mechanism, maintain a high volumetric efficiency of pump in the long-term, high mechanical efficiency products with SP series gear, small fluctuation pressure is high, low noise product performance is stable.
The concept of gear pump is very simple, that is, its most basic form is the same size of two gears in a tight fit inside the shell mesh rotation, the interior of the shell is similar to "8" shape, two gears installed in the inside, the outside diameter of the gear and both sides of the shell with tight fit. The material from the extruder enters between the two gears at the suction inlet, fills the space, moves along the shell with the rotation of the teeth, and finally is discharged when the teeth engage. In terms of speaking, gear pump is also called positive displacement device, that is, like a cylinder cylinder piston, when one tooth into the fluid space of another tooth, the liquid will be mechanically squeezed out. Since the fluid is incompressible, the fluid and the tooth cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Due to the teeth of continuous engagement, this phenomenon in the continuous, and thus in the pump outlet to provide a continuous exclusion, pump every turn, discharge volume is the same. With the continuous rotation of the drive shaft, the pump will continue to discharge fluid. Pump flow is directly related to the speed of the pump. In fact, there is a very small amount of fluid loss in the pump, which makes the operating efficiency of the pump not reach 100%, because these fluids are used to lubricate the bearing and gear sides, and the pump body is never without clearance, so the fluid cannot be discharged 100% from the outlet, so a small amount of fluid loss is inevitable. However, the pump still works well, with an efficiency of 93% ~ 98% for most extruded materials. The pump will not be affected too much for fluids whose viscosity or density varies during the process. If you have a damper, such as a filter or a limiter on the outlet side, the pump pushes the fluid through them. If the damper changes during operation, that is, if the filter becomes dirty, clogged, or the back pressure of the limiter increases, the pump will maintain a constant flow rate until the mechanical limit of the weakest part of the device is reached (usually with a torque limiter). There is actually a limit to how fast a pump can rotate, depending on the process fluid. If the fluid is oil, the pump can rotate at a high speed, but when the fluid is a high viscosity polymer melt, this limit is greatly reduced. It is very important to push the highly viscous fluid into the two-tooth space on the suction inlet side. If this space is not filled, the pump cannot discharge the accurate flow rate. Therefore, PV value (pressure × velocity) is another limiting factor and a process variable. Because of these limitations, gear pump manufacturers will offer a range of products, that is, different specifications and displacement (output per revolution). These pumps will be used in conjunction with specific application processes to optimize system capacity and price.
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